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Publicēts: 03.06.2024

Enjoy summer at the “SPORTA 2” quarter!

The “SPORTA 2” quarter continues to flourish as a cherished destination for leisure, offering a rich tapestry of culture, art, events, music, and a broad selection of food and drinks. Despite the rain, the summer event season of 2024 kicked off in on a high note at the “Riga Gin Festival”. This festival, now in its second year, celebrated summer’s iconic drink – gin – within the vibrant “SPORTA 2” quarter. 

The festival showcased a diverse array of gins from around the world, including several brands from Latvia. Visitors could enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic gin cocktails and even try their hand at various gin masterclasses to become connoisseurs of this delightful beverage.

Throughout the summer, immerse yourself in a vibrant array of cultural events. Delve into exhibitions at the “Kim?” Contemporary Art Center as part of its 15th birthday celebrations. Enjoy captivating theatre performances at the music and drama venue “OratoriO”. Give in to feelings of nostalgia with classic cars at the Riga Classic Cars’ “Weekend car meet” and indulge the unique three-day festival  “Wheels and Tattoos”. Additionally, immerse yourself in concerts, DJ performances, and a large variety of other vibrant summer events.

Check out the “SPORTA 2” quarter’s summer event program! 

Catch this season’s final performances at the “OratoriO” music and drama space before summer break kicks in! 

  • 04.06.2024. Performance “Now and then”
  • 10.06.2024. Performance “She-He-She?”
  • 11.06.2024. Guest performance – Norm Foster’s “The Long Weekend”
  • 12.06.2024. Guest performance – Norm Foster’s “The Long Weekend”
  • 13.06.2024. Performance “A Stone Slips By”
  • 18.06.2024. Performance “She-He-She?”
  • 19.06.2024. Performance “A Stone Slips By” 


In celebration of its 15th anniversary, the “Kim?” Contemporary Art Center (short for “kas ir māksla?” or “what is art?”) is hosting an annual international contemporary art festival in Riga. The anniversary program also includes an exhibition at the “SPORTA 2” quarter.

  • 12.06.2024. – 07.07.2024. Exhibition “Formative Years” 

Free Entry


Enjoy the tastes of summer and unwind with leisurely evenings at several gastro bars in the “SPORTA 2” quarter, where a diverse range of entertainment events await.

This summer at the gastro bar “OBJEKTS X BOAR BBQ” savor refreshing Cocktail Thursdays with a “buy two, get the third free” offer. Indulge in a variety of juicy BBQ and burgers, featuring unique options such as pastrami, royal shrimp, and even ostrich meat burgers. Upcoming events:

  • 14.06.2024. BELIVA | HIP HOP DJ sets on the terrace
  • 15.06.2024. Outdoor concert by the psychedelic rock band “ADVANCED BLUE” 


If you’re in the mood for a relaxing evening of basking in the golden light of the setting sun, head to the gastro bar “ZEFĪRS”. Enjoy cheesy, heavenly delicious pizzas, refreshing cocktails, endless conversation, DJ music, and breathtaking sunsets on the terrace. Upcoming events:  

  • 13.07.2024. Riga Classic Cars “Weekend car meet” gathers enthusiasts of classic, youngtimer, and modern classic cars and motorcycles. 
  • 30.08.2024. – 01.09.2024. “Wheels and Tattoos” festival marks its debut in the city center, featuring 50 top tattoo artists from Latvia and the Baltic region, including the talented team from the “Tattoo Frequency” studio at the “SPORTA 2” quarter. The festival will also showcase a motorcycle show, car & motorbike exhibition, vinyl record market, and a carefree atmosphere with food, drinks, and dancing till dawn. 

For a taste journey from the north’s finest to the south’s spiciest, check out the gastro bar “FLAUTA”. They offer a wide range of dishes from pizza and marinara to tacos and mole. If you’re craving hearty comfort food, head to the restaurant “GATERIS” to indulge in delicious burgers, wok, sandwiches, and fries in an authentic restaurant interior.

When attending events or going about your daily routines, you can conveniently park your car at the “Cityparks” paid parking lot at the “SPORTA 2” quarter with entry from Sporta Street. For eco-conscious transportation options, consider using the “Tesla” car-sharing platform “OX DRIVE”, which is based right within the “SPORTA 2” quarter.

For the latest updates on events, follow the “SPORTA 2” quarter’s Facebook page  and Instagram page.

See you this summer at the “SPORTA 2” quarter!

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